Hire a Professional Cleaner Before You Move In

Hire a Professional Cleaner Before You Move In

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You just bought a house or rented a new apartment. Congratulations! Before you rush to move in, look around and seriously consider hiring a professional to clean before you move in. Here’s why.

The previous homeowners probably gave the house a thorough cleaning while it was on the market, which is a great way to help sell a home. However, as the new owner, you probably want to make sure the living space is up to your standards.

As professional cleaners with lots of experience, we know first hand that people are, on average, happier when they live in a clean environment.

The benefits of a clean NEW home

There are many benefits to a clean home: fewer germs, less dust, reduced stress – the list goes on and on. What matters most though is how you feel about the space when you move in. Don’t underestimate the lasting effects of your new living space in the first few weeks. Your initial perception of your new home will color how you feel about it for years to come. Start life in your new home off on the right foot!

Professional Cleaner or DIY?

Remember that moving is a big task, even if it’s into a small space. Consider how much energy and time you’ll have to clean while doing all the other work that moving requires. Professional cleaning services NYC can save you a lot of time and stress!

Professional cleaners will also get into corners and use skills and equipment that will make your home sparkle. And we’re not just talking about floors and counters. They’ll cover the walls and ceilings, interior of cabinets and other hard-to-reach places you may not think (or want) to do on your own.

Of course, if you’re the DIY type and feel motivated to tackle the space on your own, here’s how to clean like a professional.

What to focus on

The short answer is: everything. However, you’ll also have some idea of where furniture and other possessions will go. Pay special attention to the parts of your home that will be taken up or covered by furniture. Clean these areas thoroughly because it will be harder to get to them when couches, tables, and rugs are in the way.

The same thing applies to appliances. Before you fill your fridge or start cooking in your new oven, make sure they are clean inside and out. This kind of deep clean can last a long time if you keep the place tidy in between cleanings.

All clean before you move in

After your professional cleaners are finished, or you do the job yourself, take a step back and look at the space. You’ve got a clean canvas to fill with your family and favorite possessions! Enjoy the moment – you earned it!

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