Clean Your House Like a Professional

Clean Your House Like a Professional

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Whether you’re in between professional cleanings and need to tidy up, or haven’t yet started with a professional cleaning service, sometimes you need to clean your house like a professional. Here’s how.

The old saying ‘whatever you do, do it well’ applies to cleaning your home as much as anything else. Occasionally you can get away with a quick vacuum to remove pet hair or a mop to clean up a spill, but when you need to clean – clean – you should do it like the pros.

Sweeping things under the rug (literally in this case) is never a good idea, so here are some tips and tricks from professional cleaners to help you clean your house the right way every time.

Declutter FIRST, then clean

Few things are more frustrating than trying to clean around a mess or having to pick up clothes and toys in the middle of vacuuming. Breaking your cleaning rhythm is a good way to find an excuse to stop. To save time and help yourself focus on the task at hand, tidy up the space you plan to clean before diving in.

This means picking up all possessions on the ground and making sure that any surface you plan to clean is exposed and ready to go. Clear up any big messes beforehand, such as getting crumbs off the counter before wiping it down. Declutter every room you plan to clean – it will make the process much easier.

Go the extra mile (it’s easier than you think)

Since you’ve already got your rubber cleaning gloves on and all the equipment out and ready to go, you should do the very best job you can. No cutting corners (or skipping them). Get into the nooks and crannies, dust areas you don’t normally see, and give surfaces an extra scrub or three.

Here’s a helpful rule to follow while you’re at it: if you every face the question “should I clean this” your answer should always be yes. Plus, besides a cleaner house, it’s great exercise!

20 Tips to clean like a professional

Use a Pattern: Room by room, surface by surface, create an efficient routine you can do every time.

Apply Products and Walk Away: Don’t wipe away cleaners the moment you spray them. Let them sit (if it’s safe to do so) for a few minutes.

Clean Your Ceilings and Walls: These often don’t get the attention they deserve, but it’s amazing how much better your home will look when they are clean!

Do Your Baseboards: You’ll notice them if they’re dirty, trust us.

Sub a Rag for a Mop: Mops are more convenient, but for serious cleaning, a handheld rag is more thorough.

Vacuum Furniture: Give your couches and chairs new life with a gentle vacuum to remove pet hair, crumbs and other dirt and dust hiding in the fabric.

Polish Stainless Steel: After you’ve cleaned it, go back with a stainless-steel polish and give it a once-over.

Go with the Grain: Follow the grains of your countertops and floors when you clean. This helps preserve them.

Carry a Caddy: You don’t want to be running around fetching supplies from the closet or under the sink. Carry everything you’ll need with you.

Dust First, Vacuum Last: Even the best dusters don’t catch everything. Dust first, and then vacuum up whatever falls to the ground.

Use One Big Trash Bag: No one wants to make multiple trips to the garbage pails. Use a large, tough bag like Husky to keep all your cleaning garbage in one place.

Invest in an Extension Cord: Same principle as above. Instead of changing outlets multiple times for your vacuum, use an extension cord and skip the hassle.

Vacuum the Kitchen (after mopping): Just in case any crumbs hit the floor!

Use Foam Glass Cleaner: These usually leave fewer streaks than pure liquid cleaners.

Clean Under the Sink: Another spot that doesn’t get enough attention but can be home to serious grease and grime.

Keep Extra Bags in Waste baskets: This is a convenience you’ll be happy about every time you need to change the bag.

Use a Squeegee Outside: The outside of windows are usually harder to get to with a cloth than inside.

Clean Door Jambs and Light Plates: If you’re wondering what these are, it’s a safe bet you need to clean them!

Attend to Light Fixtures: These are magnets for dust and often don’t get cleaned.

Do the Stove Last: Stoves take time. Get the rest of your house done first, then focus your final efforts on cleaning this important kitchen appliance.

If you have the right tools and a can-do, do-it-right attitude, you can have your home sparkling like new! Of course, you may not want to do this every time, so if you’re considering investing in a professional cleaning service, contact us today!


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