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Looking For Appartment Cleaners?

Professional Apartment Cleaning you can Trust

Because we know our business well, we can assure you that few things feel as good as coming back to a neat and clean home. Many people believe that cleaning a smaller living unit is a piece of cake. This however is a fallacy. Since optimal cleaning is not only about the size, many so-called cleaners fail to provide the right service mostly because they underestimate the job or neglect to focus on details.

Whether you live in an apartment or a condo, you can find your perfect apartment cleaning partner in Novanna cleaning services. Our experienced cleaners will provide the type of service you have been looking for: professional and dependable, yet affordable enough for you to book regularly.

Getting the Best Professional Service

Efficient apartment cleaning service involves much more than just wiping a few surfaces. Because smaller living units, such as condos and apartments possess unique characteristics, it is essential that there is a specific cleaning plan designed to cater for the needs of our customers.

What we do

We do our best to meet the demands of each particular customer. Nonetheless, we have devised a system that will ensure our clientele that they are getting the service they hired in the first place. These are some of the most relevant points on our service checklist:

Each room is equally important and every detail matters to us. Living rooms and halls are cleaned from top to bottom in order to make sure that not a single cobweb or speck of dust is left behind. Bathrooms, which can pose a cleaning challenge, get massive attention. Tubs, basins, tiles and toilets are fully-cleaned and sanitized; floors are mopped, countertops wiped, mirrors and cabinets cleaned and garbage emptied.

Because of its close contact with numerous pollutants, kitchen areas can also be tricky to attend to, even to the most experienced cleaner. Our customers’ kitchens are scrubbed, particularly stove tops and vent hoods, so efficiently that the once greasy and sticky surfaces you had gotten used to are now fully degreased, thus looking fresh and sparkling.

When it comes to bedroom cleaning, at Novanna we understand just how personal this service should feel. This is why we use our own technique that begins with deep dusting –yes, bedrooms get dusty, too! Our dusting process involves window sills, baseboards, picture frames, mirrors, furniture and other decorative items. Fresh bed linen is used to make the beds, pillows and cushions are tidied, too. Last but not least, the floor is thoroughly vacuumed and.

Novanna Apartment Cleaning: Why us?

Despite their growing popularity, cleaning companies cannot be said to provide a standard type of service. Many differences can be found and not all residential cleaning companies offer specific cleaning for apartments.

Forget about spending hours on end trying to track down an apartment cleaning service to meet your needs, at Novanna you will find everything you need in just a few clicks. Contact us now and get a quote: you deserve a cleaner experience!


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