How to Communicate with Professional Cleaners: A Homeowner’s Guide

How to Communicate with Professional Cleaners: A Homeowner’s Guide

You want a clean home. Professional cleaners want to give you exactly what you want. The key to getting one is in proper communication with your cleaning company. The best part? It’s simple!

If a cleaning service professional has ever asked, “how can I help?” and you didn’t know how to respond or how to express your needs, this post is for you. You don’t need to give an exhaustive answer, either. All you need to do is communicate what parts of your home need cleaning, provide any special considerations or requests, and express your expectations.

Many cleaning services also offer a questionnaire to make this process easier, but it’s good practice to know what you want ahead of time, so you can communicate with professional cleaners.

Give a High-level Outline

You’re considering a professional cleaning service for a reason: you want a clean home. But you may not want a top-to-bottom scrubbing each visit. To get the most accurate estimate possible, start with a high-level outline of your cleaning needs.

Go room by room. You may only want the first floor cleaned (if you own a home) or for cleaners to skip the closets (your territory!). Once you’ve broken down your cleaning needs by room, then figure out what you want for each room. For example, the kitchen might need a full cleaning treatment, while little used foyers may only need a dusting.

Review your outline with the supervisor of your professional cleaning service to make sure you get everything covered. From there, it’s time to get specific.

Discuss (Exactly) What You Want and Don’t Want

Is someone in your house allergic to ammonia or certain cleaning products? Do you have a lot of fragile antiques that require extra caution around? What about specialty fabrics? Professional cleaners are happy to respect all your wishes, just make sure they know what those wishes are!

Likewise, if there are certain off-limits areas in your home, be clear about that ahead of time. And finally, if you had a bad experience with another cleaning service in the past, tell your new one what you didn’t like about it.

Remember, people aren’t mind-readers, but if you communicate with professional cleaners, give them instructions and express your needs, you’ll be satisfied every time.

The best way to communicate with professional cleaners is to ask questions!

Of course, you’re hiring a professional cleaning service for a reason: they are experts! Even after you provide an outline and specific requirements, you may have questions or be uncertain about things. This is the time to ask questions.

Your professional cleaners are happy to discuss how they clean and why they do it a certain way. For example, it’s always good to follow the grain when cleaning a wood floor to minimize scuffs. Never hesitate to ask how or why when it comes to professional cleaning.

Knowing roughly what you want before you approach a cleaning service is a great way to get a fast and accurate estimate! Be clear about what you want and ask questions if there is an uncertainty. For more information about selecting a cleaning service or to get in touch with Novanna, contact us today!


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