How To Clean Bathrooms – It’s Easy When You Know How

How To Clean Bathrooms – It’s Easy When You Know How

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The reality is that cleaning bathrooms are generally the least favorite job on any cleaning day. And just think about how thrilled we were to buy a new home with FOUR bathrooms! Well, in this article, we are going to look at how to clean bathrooms, the easy way.

Let’s face it; the biggest reason to dislike cleaning the bathroom is that everyone else hates the job just as much as you, which guarantees it is not getting cleaned regularly. And then the longer it goes uncleaned, the less that people want to do it. But, as long as the job needs doing, here are some helpful guidelines for how to clean bathrooms thoroughly and quickly.

How To Clean Bathrooms

As you know, cleaning bathrooms is not an amazingly hard job when you get into it. However, the difficult part is certainly getting around to making yourself do it. Whether you are spring cleaning or weekly sprucing, you will need to go through the same steps.

How to clean bathrooms

Get Supplies

Before cleaning anything, get the right tools and agents ready to go. Using the right supplies will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently, therefore helping you feel better about it each time you do it. Here are some of the items that you want to get:

  • Gloves
  • Mop
  • Sponges
  • Paper towels
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Toilet brush
  • Surface and glass cleaners (in spray bottles)
  • Hard water stain removers
  • Scum removers
  • Floor cleaner

You may want to opt for a separate tote unit just for bathroom supplies since no other room requires as many. However, if you do choose to have an independent cleaning supply store for your bathroom, keep it in the most extensive bathroom and tackle that first. That will make it feel a lot easier to clean the smaller bathrooms afterward.

Tidy up

Get everything off the floor, the back of the sink, the shower floor, and out of the tub enclosure. If something doesn’t have a logical place in the bathroom, move it out or dispose of it. Toss the used towels and rugs in the washer.

Now is one of the best times to throw out empty bottles, almost used slimy bars of soap, empty toilet rolls, and old toothbrushes (although you need to make sure you have new ones first)! Having all of the items in the right place, and nothing on the floor will help you to clean the bathrooms quicker and more efficiently.

How To Clean Bathrooms – Toilet first

Sticking with our overall strategy of how to clean bathrooms begins with the messiest or toughest job first, this usually means the toilet. Toilets have a simple function and don’t require sophisticated handling on cleaning day (it’s more about attitude!). A stiff toilet brush will almost always take care of surface stains.

Hard water stains will require a little more effort, however, and may mean letting a solution set for some time. Hand scouring is very likely if it has been a long time since the bowl got cleaned. Wipe down the outside surfaces as well, and don’t neglect any grime that has built up around the pedestal base. An excellent anti-bacterial spray will come in handy and likely deodorize at the same time.

You may want to buy specific, strong toilet cleaner and descaler and put it on the bowl before you start the rest of the bathroom, and then clean the toilet after the rest of the room. That way, it will loosen the problematic stains and dissolve some of the hard water and limescale.

How To Clean Bathrooms – Shower/tub

Tackle the shower or tub enclosure next. Wipe down all surfaces with a strong cleaning solution and take care of soap scum. Remove any hair or foreign debris from the drain and wipe down the hardware. For tub enclosures, take time to clean out around and in the door track – a real grime magnet! Tackle hard water stains as needed. Shower curtain liners are infamous for collecting unsightly mildew, so wash it down by hand, toss it in the washer. However, my favorite choice is to replace it.

Again, spraying the cleaning agent on the hard to clean areas before starting may help you clean the most difficult stains later on.


The next step for how to clean bathrooms is to clean the sink. Take care of any hard water stains and thoroughly clean the hardware (valve handles and spigot). Make sure the drain is clear of hair and other debris. For free-standing sinks, don’t forget the outside surfaces.

Mirrors And Glass

Mirrors and glass are notorious for smears and marks. There are specific “streak-free” cleaners that you can buy; however, you can use white vinegar if you do not want to use them.

If you would like to use vinegar for your mirrors, you can make your own solution like this:

  • Mix 50/50 ratio of white vinegar and water in a bottle. – Make sure it is white vinegar, and the higher the percentage of acid, the better. Usually, 5% is the maximum you can buy from stores, and that works fine.
  • Spray it on the mirror. – It works well for any shiny surface, glass, faucets, tiles, etc.
  • Wipe it off. – Use paper towels and throw them away afterward.


Finally, mop the floor, paying particular attention to the baseboard areas and around the base of the toilet where grime readily accumulates. Assume the floor and waste receptacle are significant sources of offending odors and clean and deodorize them thoroughly. Wax floor if desired. Restock with fresh towels, replace rugs, and you’re ready to go.


And that’s how to clean bathrooms! The real challenge is to keep the bathrooms clean. The surest – and most challenging – strategy is to institute daily cleaning procedures to prevent the kind of buildup that grosses many people out in the first place. Keep sponges and rags handy for wipe downs after use, however, remember to throw them away after! Clue everybody in and post a to-do list nearby as needed. Have a spray bottle of surface spray (commercial or your own bleach-based solution) to treat shower and tub enclosure walls after daily use. Do this, and you will reduce the amount of work required on the cleaning day.

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