NJ Commercial Cleaning Service Insights

NJ Commercial Cleaning Service Insights

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At Novanna, we are your NJ commercial cleaning service specialists. Our team members have the skills and experience to tackle any commercial cleaning job you need, in any space or industry. Here’s how it works.

Whether you operate out of an office, warehouse or something in between, that space is the face of your company. There are many benefits to a clean and tidy space, not the least of which are: improved safety, better first impressions for clients, and of course, pride in your organization.

But commercial spaces can also be difficult or time consuming to clean, even if you have a full-time janitor on staff. In cases like this, a professional NJ commercial cleaning service can save the day. Commercial cleaning is a bit different than residential cleaning, so we wanted to share some of our insights into the process.

Your Industry

Where and how you work determines what kind of cleaning you need. Whether your company makes its home in a clinic or school, a small or large office building, we deliver professional commercial cleaning services that help promote healthy work environments and keep your building sparkling.

Don’t just hire any cleaners. Look for a company that can clean to your specifications with single professionals or a team of dedicated cleaners. They will have team members that are trained to meet the standards and best practices of groups like OSHA, HIPAA, EPA and other regulatory organizations.

When it comes to commercial cleaning, safety and regulatory standards always come first.

What services are included in a commercial cleaning service?

Most commercial cleaners offer a variety of services. At Novanna, we are proud to offer a full array of commercial cleaning options. Three of our most popular are: Janitorial, Flooring, and Specialty.

Janitorial: Help maintain a healthy and productive workspace with services customized to meet your needs.

Flooring: Create a lasting impression and safer environment with superior floor cleaning and maintenance.

Specialty: From vent cleaning and disinfecting to cleaning specialty machinery, we offer cleaning services for equipment and spaces across industries.

Type and Size of Space

Commercial spaces can be single rooms to sprawling, multi-acre warehouses. Your commercial cleaning company will work with you to understand the requirements and scope, so they can assemble the best team for your needs.

Just like in our post about how to communicate with your cleaning service, we suggest you make a broad outline of your needs and include specific instructions where needed.

Sometimes a NJ Commercial Cleaning Service is Required by Law

For some commercial businesses, sanitation and cleanliness may be heavily regulated and required to pass inspections. If this is the case, always provide your cleaning service with the standards or organization requirements you need.

However, not every commercial cleaning service will have the kind of cleaning certifications you need. Remember to ask questions before you hire one to ensure that you pass inspection.

Hopefully this primer on NJ commercial cleaning services helps you determine if a commercial cleaning company is right for you. If you have questions or want to get an estimate, please contact us today.


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