How to Choose a NJ Residential Cleaning Service

How to Choose a NJ Residential Cleaning Service

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Your space is unique, which means you don’t need a one-size fits all cleaning service. If you need cleaning help, then you need a NJ residential cleaning service that’s tailored to you. Here’s how to find one.

In a previous article we discussed the benefits of a professional cleaning service (hint: they are more than just a tidy living space). Today, we’ll look at how to find a cleaning service that suits you. First, you’ve got to know what you need.

What kind of home or apartment do you have?

Not all of us own homes and among those that do, they vary in size. Some of us have apartments, condos or shared spaces. The amount and type of cleaning you need should fit your lifestyle – that way you won’t overpay or get service you don’t need.

Smaller spaces tend to, on average, get dirtier, faster. However, with less space to clean, the time required from your cleaning service is less.

What’s your cleaning budget?

Several factors influence the cost of cleaning, from the size of your living space to the number of adults, children and pets in the home. You’ll also need to consider the frequency of the service and the thoroughness of the cleaning required.

Most cleaning companies will offer several options. First, a cleaning company might send a staff member to view your home and get a good understanding of your cleaning needs and then determine a rate. Other cleaning companies offer flat rates per room or by square footage. Most however, operate on a scale based on the square footage.

Consult with several cleaning companies and compare rates. Then you can determine a monthly budget for professional cleaning service.

Do you have any special requirements?

Certain considerations, like rooms with odd shapes or difficult-to-reach spaces can impact the cost and time of cleaning. However, you should also share a few of these (even if they aren’t real) with cleaners to see how willing they are to accommodate special requests.

Check Reviews and Get Referrals

If a friend or relative with a similar living situation has a cleaner they love, ask them to put you in touch. You can also check review sites like Yelp! You’ll find a lot of great feedback but be sure to read reviews carefully – occasionally customers give dishonest reviews (both positive and negative).

Give Your NJ Residential Cleaning Service a Trial Run

Once you’ve found a cleaning service you want to try, start with a trial period that covers two to four cleanings. This allows time for the company to understand your expectations and gives you an opportunity to determine your cleaning requirements clearly.

If you find that after several visits you’re still not satisfied, the housecleaning relationship probably isn’t going to work. However, you may also find that you aren’t sure how you lived without them!

Choosing a house cleaning company requires some time and research. You want to get the best value for your dollars, but also find a company you can rely on. For more information about Novanna and to get an estimate, contact us today.


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