Office Cleaning Checklist – 22 Great Points

Office Cleaning Checklist – 22 Great Points

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Creating an office cleaning checklist will ensure that everything gets cleaned, and at the right time. Not only will cleaning schedules ensure that everywhere gets cleaned at the right time, but they also make people do things that they otherwise wouldn’t do. We all have one person who doesn’t wash up!

There are various reasons for creating an office cleaning checklist. In this article, we will take a look at some of them, and then look at what an office cleaning checklist may look like for you.

Office Cleaning Checklist Benefits

Office cleaning checklist

So, the benefits of a checklist are:

  • Prioritize cleaning jobs. – There are specific jobs that you have to complete each day. Making sure that they are on a daily list will mean that no one will forget to do them. That way, you are not going to get a bin left full for a week and start to smell, or a coffee cup go moldy.
  • Higher productivity. – Morale and safety are both directly linked to productivity in workspaces and living spaces too. Studies have shown that having a cleaner workplace leads to happier employees who have less time off with stress or illness. Therefore, your overall office productivity goes up. Having an office cleaning checklist allows for that.
  • Your office is always clean. – There was a time, and maybe there still is, when offices and other workplaces spend Friday afternoons cleaning and tidying. That means that throughout the rest of the week, things are getting piled up and untidy or dirty. When that happens, you are likely to start finding your productivity dropping towards the end of the week.
  • Safety. – Of course, everyone wants and needs to work in a safe environment. You are not likely to have a safe environment if there is clutter all over the office. Not to mention things like fire hazards that you can have through not emptying bins, etc. Or blocked walkways should there be a fire.
  • It creates continuity. – Not only for the staff to know what they have to clean and when. But also, if you employ a local cleaning company to do the cleaning, you can give them the list to follow.

So, they are the main reasons for maintaining office cleanliness, and if you can’t see now why you should have an office cleaning checklist, then you probably never will.

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

Much like in the home, certain things need to be done every day in the office. The daily office cleaning schedule will help you understand what needs to be done regularly to keep the office a nice, clean, and safe place to work.


  • Empty waste bins. – All waste bins need emptying every day. Cleaned as required, and bin liners replaced. However, do not empty the bag and put it back.
  • Clean hard surfaces. – All hard surfaces, desktops, shelves, etc. should be cleaned with disinfectant every day.
  • Polish. – Polish all of the metalwork in the office.
  • Clean Walls. – Clean all daily marks off walls.
  • Wipe fixtures. – Wipe all fixtures such as door handles, light switches, skirting boards, handrails, etc.
  • Vacuuming. – All carpets, tiles, and wooden floors require vacuuming every day. That is to remove any daily fragments of rubbish that come into the office on the worker’s shoes.
  • Mopping. -You should mop all hard floors with a disinfectant.

Although this is an office cleaning checklist, we have included all other areas that are often associated with an office:

Canteens, Kitchens, Toilets

  • Empty waste bins. – You should empty all the waste bins every day. Clean them as required, and replace the bin liners. However, do not empty the bag and put it back.
  • Clean hard surfaces. – All hard surfaces, sink surrounds, doors, tiles, fixtures, etc. should be cleaned with disinfectant every day.
  • Replenish facilities. – Fill soap dispensers, hand towels, moisturizers, toilet rolls, etc.
  • Wash dishes. – Although it is best for everyone to clean their mugs, etc. as they use them, if you have a dishwasher, fill it up at the end of each day, and run a cycle.
  • Disinfect ceramics. – You should disinfect all of the ceramics, such as toilets, and sinks every day.

Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

Weekly cleaning items are things that take a little more time to do. However, doing these items with such regularity is also not quite as imperative. They have low health or safety risks when left for a little amount of time. However, please be aware that dropping some of these items for any longer than a week may create issues. That means that you must still complete these items alongside the daily office cleaning checklist.

weekly office cleaning checklist

  • Polish and buff wood. – All wooden tops such as reception desks, conference tables, etc. And you should buff all of the wooden floors.
  • Clean windows. – You need to clean all accessible windows thoroughly inside and out, as far as practicable.
  • Disinfect. – Employee desks, keyboards, etc.
  • Empty fridge. – Remove all out of date food and clean fridge with disinfectant.
  • Clean bins. – Disinfect all containers and replace the liners.

Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist

Items in the monthly cleaning list are things that you can leave for a longer time, but still, provide a safer environment after completion.

  • Clean all high surfaces. – You should clean all the high-level shelves, window sills, light fittings, etc. every month.
  • Vacuum vents. – All air vents for air conditioning and extractors require monthly cleaning. However, maintenance teams should replace filters at six-month intervals.
  • Clean chairs. – All offices, reception, and canteen chairs should be vacuumed and disinfected.
  • Deep clean. – Deep cleaning carpets, kitchens, etc.
  • Clean Dishwasher. – Run the dishwasher with a cleaner every month to keep it clean.


Having an office cleaning checklist will enable you to know what is required and when. However, one of the most significant benefits of having a list is that you can give it to your cleaning company when you hire one, and they then know what you want doing and when. Although most companies such as ourselves will make a dedicated plan with you on our first visit so that nothing gets missed.



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