How to Think of Professional Cleaning as an Investment

How to Think of Professional Cleaning as an Investment

Many people think professional house cleaning is something that only ‘wealthy’ people can afford. It isn’t – not by a long shot. Routine house cleaning can be a great investment – saving you time and money down the road, which means your professional cleaning investment can pay off big.

It’s a constant battle faced by homeowners and renters alike: spend the money for a professional housekeeper or cleaning service or spend the time and energy (sometimes a lot) to do the job yourself.

At first glance, professional cleaning may seem like luxury – but look at it with a long-term perspective. Your home will always need a cleaning, whether it’s once a week or once a month. Over years of ownership, this can mean hundreds (if not thousands) of hours spent cleaning.

What would you do with all that time if you could get it back, or better yet, not spend it cleaning?

How your professional cleaning investment will pay off

Before you think about the upfront cost (which can be very affordable with the right cleaning service), consider these seven benefits. After reviewing them, you may see the value of a professional cleaning investment with a lot more clarity.

  1. Professional Quality: You may have some serious skills with the mop or vacuum, but chances are you aren’t a professional cleaner by trade. That’s why you hire a team of cleaning professionals. Your house will sparkle from top to bottom every time they visit, which means you get to enjoy the rest of the benefits in this list.
  2. Better Health for Your Family: the healthy benefits of eliminating dust and germs are obvious – fewer colds during all seasons of the year. But reduced stress, which is a byproduct of a cleaner environment, can also have profound effects on your family’s healthy and happiness.
  3. More Time for Your Passions: cleaning – good, deep cleaning that gets all the corners and the tops of windows – takes time. Most people who aren’t cleaning professionals would rather be spending time with the family, working on hobbies, or building a business. When you make a professional cleaning investment, you are giving yourself more time to pursue the things you love.
  4. A Clutter-free Life: We’ve noticed that homeowners who make a professional cleaning investment also tend to be more proactive about getting rid of clutter – or at least organizing their stuff. Perhaps that’s because their living space is so clean that they want to maximize their enjoyment of it!
  5. Fewer repair bills: Sinks, windows, counters, appliances and just about everything else suffer wear and tear from daily use. But if you keep them clean and maintain them well, you’ll discover that you make fewer and fewer calls to the repair company. That’s because rust, scratches and stains are usually the result of lack of routine cleaning.
  6. Possessions last longer: When furniture, drapes, carpets and wood floors (etc.) are cared for and properly maintained, they enjoy longer lifespans. This means less money spent on fixing them or replacing them. When you consider the costs involved in new couches or hardwood flooring, that professional cleaning investment is worth quite a bit more than the cost of service.
  7. Reliable Service that Continues to Improve: Every time your professional cleaning team comes to visit, they learn the nuances of your house a little bit better and get more efficient. This means that your cleanings will take less time and become more thorough with each subsequent cleaning. Plus, it’s nice to know that your home is well cared for!
  8. A Home to be Proud of: When you make a professional cleaning investment, you get many benefits. But one of our favorites is the pride that homeowners take in their sparkling living spaces. Whenever friends and family come over, you never have to worry about tidying up or putting on a show – your home is beautiful already!

There you have it. A smart way to look at professional cleaning is not how much the service costs, but how much it will save you in time and money down the road. For more information about starting a residential cleaning service for your home, please contact us today.


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